Essential Acceptance is a puzzle game about making people happy by trying to influence people to accept the Essential Code and evading trouble when it rises. 

The game is still in development, there are yet a couple of core features to be implemented and the graphics are very basic.

Considering that version 0.4 had major flaws I've removed it from the site and I hope to upload version 0.5 in the upcoming weeks as a free-to-play game.

Currently there are about 10 Levels (some can be very challenging) packaged with the game but you can create and share your own levels with the built-in level editor.

How To Play

Your goal is to get the specified number of people to accept the Code before time runs out.

You can move around using the WASD or Arrow keys and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

Once you are near a person a panel will come up. This panel will show you the person’s personality, mood, and state. You will be able to Ask  the person to accept the Code and if you have Paper or Blue Books you will also be able to Explain or Teach the person.

The more the person is Willing to accept the better the chance is that he will accept when you Ask him. Depending on the person’s Openness you may need to Explain or Teach him in order to increase his willingness.

The higher the person’s Anger the higher the chance he will call the cops when you interact with him and you will enter Danger Mode. If no cop sees you for long enough Danger Mode will end.

Depending on the person’s Aggression your simply Asking or even Explaining or Teaching may increase his Anger if he hasn’t agreed yet.

Being in Polluted Air slows you down, speeds up the cops, and causes Danger Mode to end slower. Conversely, being in Pure Air speeds you up, slows down the cops, and causes Danger Mode to end quicker. You can purify the air using the Red and Greed Books.


Icons made by Freepik and Smashicons from

Easy Emerald Gui.

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